About Me

Hi, I’m James Adam.  I’ve had a passion for software development since I first started tinkering with BASIC on the family Apple ][e as a child.  From BASIC I progressed to C on DOS/Windows and built my first website, an online bulletin board system, with HTML and Perl as a teenager.  I went on to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2002, and after a four-year stint as an Army officer, I started doing software development professionally in 2006.  I’ve been mostly working on modeling and simulation software systems and web services in the Defense industry.  I also pursue personal projects in web development in my spare time.

I currently live in Alaska with my wife Debbie and our three children.

I decided to put up this site as a place to collect my thoughts on software development and other areas of interest to me.  I hope that others can find some value in it, but if not, that’s ok too.


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