Getting Scala, HATEOAS, and JSON to work together

I’ve been working with Scala for the last few months on a new project, and I’ll confess that it’s starting to grow on me (this is in stark contrast to Java, which I’m liking less the more I learn about it). My current project has me creating a REST API using Scalatra along with aContinue reading “Getting Scala, HATEOAS, and JSON to work together”

Scala and Scalatra

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails almost exclusively for my web projects over the last year or two. Recently, when I had an idea for a new project, I decided to try something a little different. My current Rails project, Rhino SchoolTracker, is a traditional CRUD-type web application that is fairly well suited to theContinue reading “Scala and Scalatra”

Testing ActiveScaffold

I’m currently neck-deep in a new project using Rails 3.2 and Active Scaffold.  If you’re unfamiliar with Active Scaffold, it’s a great plugin that takes care of most of your application’s CRUD functionality.  If you’re working on a data-heavy application, you should check it out. Anyway, as great as Active Scaffold is, it certainly isn’tContinue reading “Testing ActiveScaffold”

Why I’m Switching from Mac to Linux

I started using Macs shortly after the release of OS X back in 2001. Not being a lifelong Mac user, I tended to view Macs running OS X as UNIX boxes with a great UI and the ability to run some mainstream software. I’ve spent most of my career in software development working on variousContinue reading “Why I’m Switching from Mac to Linux”

Digital Download Sales with PayPal IPN, Rails, and Refinery CMS

While building an online store for one of my past projects using Rails and the Refinery CMS, I was presented with an interesting problem. I had a requirement to allow customers to purchase and download individual music tracks directly from an online store that also sells physical goods. On its surface, this sort of thingContinue reading “Digital Download Sales with PayPal IPN, Rails, and Refinery CMS”

Two Weeks with a Standing Desk

If many of the recent studies on the subject are to be believed, sitting all day is horrible for you. Regardless of how much we may exercise when we aren’t chained to our desks, sitting for long periods places us at greater risk for various cancers, obesity, and diabetes, not to mention neck and backContinue reading “Two Weeks with a Standing Desk”